Yimei Pinju Hotel focuses on simplicity and highlights the theme atmosphere. On this basis, it combines the aesthetic concepts of contemporary society and the functional requirements of modern people to the hotel, increases the regional division, and makes full use of space and beautify the space for the purpose. In the layout, several major elements of the hotel are retained. The lobby, aisle, leisure, guest rooms and other areas echo each other before, with distinctive features and overall uniformity. A large number of beige tones and warm lighting effects are refreshing in a high-tempo modern In social life, it has the function of coordinating people and making them balanced.
The lobby space of the hotel is a place that every guest pays more attention to. The multi-tiered ceiling shape, coupled with a central large luxury chandelier, creates a luxurious and grand atmosphere, and is coupled with a luminous lamp trough, which can not only reflect the grade of the hotel, but also meet the functional needs of the hotel. The treatment of the lobby wall uses a large amount of stone as the main material to increase the light perception of the lobby, and the metal partition makes the lobby bright and clean. The interior design of the hotel's lobby is closer to the human body in terms of scale. The use of various lights makes the lobby have a spatially transmitted brightness and makes it softer in color and form. The color of the ground stone is mainly close to the wall, so that the entire space is harmonized in color. The above parts constitute a glamorous, luxurious and clean lobby, effectively running through the luxurious modern design concept. The unique design of the lobby increases the elegance of the lobby and forms an effective complement to the space composition. As the first level of the space, the lobby and aisles are areas where people flow more frequently. Whether they leave a deep impression is of utmost importance. In the lobby space, large-scale, classical and modern processing techniques are adopted in the design. Whether it is a classical expression or a modernist design mood, it is to reflect the form produced by the interior design-tall, spectacular, Luxurious and palatial.
  Guest rooms are the main source of hotel revenue. Mainly adopts beige, light green and champagne-colored metal edge trims. We pay attention to the design quality of the guest rooms. Therefore, from the layout to the façade shape interspersed, the material tones, the texture contrast and the lighting match, we have to work hard: one On the one hand, the design should meet all the functional requirements of the guest rooms and truly be people-oriented; on the other hand, the quality and connotation should be greatly improved to attract residents with unique features and form a good reputation.

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