This space pursues the perfect combination of modern Chinese style and regional culture, uses modern decoration materials to reflect the era of decoration, absorbs the essence of Chinese culture, and interprets modern Chinese space style; follows simple design principles to make simple walls and The material lighting contains intriguing details in the contrast, which is concise and not plain; in order to make the space more diversified and bring more space experience to the guests, the European neo-classical style is added to make the space more elegant and magnificent. Be more international in order to improve the quality of hotel space.
The door head is the embodiment of the hotel's grade, and the atmospheric door head design demonstrates the temperament of the hotel, allowing guests to feel the face. Stepping into the lobby, the first thing you feel is the grandeur of the hotel. In the overall wood-toned space, red and blue are interspersed to give guests a warm and hospitable feeling. Hanging a large area of petal-decorated chandelier makes the overall feeling casual, comfortable, safe and cozy. Let the people in it feel extra relaxed and comfortable. The designer digs deep into the local architecture, humanities and history, and takes "wood shadows and streams, endless ancient charm" as the design theme, presenting such a new Chinese boutique hotel with a strong Republic of China style. This project uses simple and bright design techniques, combined with modern elements of the Republic of China, and a strong cultural atmosphere of furnishings. It seems to be tracing the history, and presents an intriguing modern leisure space, one step at a time, and the visual experience is rich and changeable, and extremely elegant Interesting. The color of the lobby is mainly based on black and beige, just like the "splashing ink" technique in traditional Chinese ink painting, showing the free, unrestrained, and honest temperament of public areas.
Compared with the lobby, the design of the banquet hall incorporates more fresh and elegant elements. The design of the guest room is even more ingenious. The designer uses colored wood-grain stone, copper, teak and other materials that reflect the feeling of Jiangnan ink. Through the abstract and simplification of traditional decorative patterns and the analytical application of localized materials, the Chinese design concept is integrated The space, reinterprets the past and presents the present, transforms the commonplace into elegance, creating a space full of Chinese sentiment and full of modern flavor.

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