With the rapid development of hot spring tourism in recent years, the construction of hot spring hotels gradually tends to prosper. Hot spring hotels are one of the tourist hotels, and their development and construction are affected by the distribution of geothermal hot spring resources, and most of them are located in the hot spring area. Hot spring hotels have unique connotations due to their reliance on hot spring resources and cannot simply distinguish hot spring hotels from other types of hotels. The design of the hot spring hotel emphasizes the integration with the natural landscape. The construction of the hot spring landscape should be harmonious and unified with the whole hot spring area. The decoration mainly uses natural materials such as stone, bamboo and wood. When guests bathe in the hot spring, they can be in the natural environment. Enjoy the surrounding natural scenery in the pool. The design of hot spring hotel pays attention to the diversification of styles and presents a diversified development. The determination of the style is influenced by factors such as traditional national culture, local historical origin and local life customs. The design of the hot spring hotel reflects its unique cultural characteristics, whether it is style or product facilities. Most of the hot spring hotels are operated by locals, influenced by the cultural characteristics of the aboriginal people, making the food very ethnic and local.