The hotel has the characteristics of oriental culture. Through the ingenious and soft combination of Chinese elements and modern materials, it expresses things full of traditional charm, so that traditional art can be appropriately reflected in today's society. At the same time, the local beautiful scenery is blended into the garden, making people feel like being in nature at all times, bringing a fresh and comfortable experience. The beauty of Chinese style is the beauty of artistic conception, with one wall and one corridor, one table and one chair, and the ancient fragrance and rhyme. They are all indoor scenes, with endless oriental feelings and endless classical beauty.
Hotel design theme descriptions often combine simple, traditional and quiet in the concept, telling the beauty of Chinese beauty. The traditional Chinese culture has been cultivated for a long time and is profound. If you want to express it in the limited space of the home, it is only appropriate to use simple and complex. Generally, marble and wooden grilles are used as the main decoration materials to integrate traditional Chinese elements into the hotel design. The classical beauty of Chinese style is fully displayed through the simple design.
The excellent interior design combines the essence of high-grade art, from luxurious and spacious guest rooms to exquisite and delicate decorations and facilities, from carefully designed catering services that incorporate local characteristics, it will become the first choice of high-grade travelers who pay attention to personalized experience . The rooms have a good view and are also one of the hotels with better conditions in the area. It is the first choice for high-end vacationers. The interior decoration of the guest rooms follows the usual gorgeous and elegant route, modern style design, wood veneer and wallpaper as the main decoration materials to highlight the sharp contrast of the space, creating a warm living environment.

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