This is an old mansion built in the early Republic of China. Coming here is guaranteed to leave you full of thoughts. On the basis of maintaining the original appearance of the house, the owner has redesigned it and added some modern tourist reception facilities, which not only retains the simplicity and elegance of the old house, but also satisfies the comfort and fashion of modern people.
All the guest rooms are in elegant colors such as wood, light gray, and white. The lobby uses bamboo as the theme, and the use of wooden grills makes the whole space more layered. The homestay is hidden among flowers and lush forests. All the vegetables are moisturized by the sunshine and clear water in the mountains. When you are free, you can stroll through the corridors in the mountains or take a nap in the flowers in the courtyard. How comfortable it is to basking in the sun... On the half-hill pavilion, Fengyue rises, sits alone in meditation, or chats with friends, listens to the wind and counts the stars at night, whether it is sadness or happiness, a melodious deer In the sound of the song, everything becomes insignificant, because at this moment our lives, the birds and flowers, because at this moment, our hearts are at peace...
At Luming Mountain Residence, it is impressive and at the same time comfortable. All the houses are built between forests and flowers. During the day, the birds and flowers are everywhere. At night, you can lie on the bed and count the sky. The stars...the movement and the static are natural, and the warm and cold are from the heart. The concept advocated here is to keep in good health, to return to nature and to blend into nature. Some people say that the most important thing about health is to nurture the body, some say that the most important thing is to nurture the mind, but here it is both. A place that makes you forget everything and allows you to have reveries. Perhaps this is because people who have lived in the city for a long time love this mountain dwelling.

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