酒店客房以低调白色系与木色搭配,展现出有层次的美感,意大利轻奢家具、现代简约风沙发、让整体色调偏中性,加上背景人像艺术挂画、提升了空间的整体格调 采用现代轻奢风格装修,整体空间用原木色搭配白色系、高级感的软装搭配,简约而不简单,变成舒适的归属地。


Under the premise requirements of Chinese style, Yishang Holiday Hotel, the modern technical language brought by modern functions and the Chinese classical aesthetic taste as the main theme of Chinese traditional cultural characteristics, foreign cultural styles and the regional characteristics of the hotel, can these two contradictions be reconciled? Good is the key to design success or failure. Integrate ancient and modern cultures, seek the combination of the two cultures in the changes, and strive to implement the decoration design of each area of the internal space, and strive to reflect the cultural connotation of diversity and multi-view in the pursuit of the overall uniform style of the hotel. While constructing the interior space of an elegant and luxurious five-star hotel, creating a unique "modern traditional cultural view", "China in the eyes of foreigners" and other cultural and artistic atmosphere became the starting point of this design. Use pure, elegant and bright beige as the background, set off high-grade furniture, lamps and art furnishings, combined with prominent three-dimensional sense and rhythm, highlight the elegant cultural atmosphere of the hotel, which has become the basic design throughout the hotel Guidelines.
The hotel rooms are matched with low-key white and wood to show a layered beauty. Italian light luxury furniture, modern minimalist sofas, the overall tone is neutral, and the background portrait art paintings enhance the overall style of the space. The decoration is modern and light luxury style. The whole space is decorated with natural wood color and white, high-end soft decoration, which is simple but not simple, and becomes a comfortable place of belonging.
The design element of the hotel lobby is the first impression of the hotel. In the design of the lobby space, metal decoration is added on the basis of stone, and the material of the front desk is also adopted.
The texture of the stone makes the overall texture uniform and has a contrast of colors. The combination of crystal chandeliers, downlights, and hidden light strips on the top surface reflects a strong lighting effect, pursuing a very special humanity color.

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