The design of Texiang Hotel is tolerant of ancient and modern, integrating Chinese and foreign cultures, seeking the combination of two groups of contradictions in the change, and striving to implement the decoration design of each area of the internal space, and strive to reflect the diversification in the pursuit of the overall uniform style of the hotel. Multi-perspective cultural connotation; while constructing the interior space of an elegant and luxurious five-star hotel, creating a unique cultural and artistic atmosphere such as "modern traditional literary concept" and "China in the eyes of foreigners" has become the design The starting point of the idea.
 Use pure, elegant, and bright beige as the background to set off high-grade furniture, lamps and art furnishings, so as to highlight the elegant cultural atmosphere of the hotel, and to highlight the key decoration lighting design to enhance the space The sense of three-dimensionality and rhythm of the hotel has become the basic method of design throughout the hotel. These basic principles run through the entire process of the hotel's interior design and are implemented in all areas of the decoration project, making the overall decoration of the hotel to a considerable extent achieve a decorative effect that emphasizes both luxury and elegance. As a hotel built according to five-star standards, the public areas are rich in content and comprehensive facilities. In addition to the iconic lobby, restaurants and banquet facilities, high-end conference centers and recreational facilities have their own characteristics in functional arrangements and decorative treatment.