烟台大唐金汤园温泉度假酒店 现代设计追求的是空间的实用性和灵活性。空间是根据相互间的功能关系组合而成的,而且功能空间相互渗透,空间的利用率达到较好。空间的划分也不再局限于硬质墙体,而是更注重会客、餐饮、学习、睡眠等功能空间的逻辑关系。通过家具、吊顶、地面材料、陈列品甚至光线的变化来表达不同功能空间的划分,而且这种划分又随着不同的时间段表现出灵活性、兼容性和流动性,如休憩空间和餐饮空间通过一个钢结构的夹层来分割,阁楼上的垂幔吊顶又限定了床的范围,这是典型的现代空间设计手法。


The modern design of Yantai Datang Jintangyuan Hot Spring Resort Hotel pursues the practicality and flexibility of space. The space is combined according to the functional relationship between each other, and the functional space penetrates each other, and the space utilization rate is better. The division of space is no longer limited to hard walls, but pays more attention to the logical relationship of meeting, dining, learning, sleeping and other functional spaces. The division of different functional spaces is expressed through changes in furniture, ceilings, floor materials, exhibits and even light, and this division shows flexibility, compatibility and fluidity with different time periods, such as rest space and dining space It is divided by a steel structure mezzanine, and the hanging ceiling on the attic limits the scope of the bed. This is a typical modern space design technique.
Modern and simple style is a combination of comfort and fashion, and it is also the trend of decoration development. However, when designing, you should pay more attention to the spiritual essence it wants to express. While reflecting your own style, you should also pay attention to health and fashion, and to rationally save scientific consumption. This project is a full case in charge of Director Zhang Yunfang.