云南大理弥渡温泉度假酒店设计的装饰材料与色彩设计为现代风格的室内效果提供了空间背景。 首先,在选材上不再局限于石材、木材、面砖等天然材料,而是将选择范围扩大到金属、涂料、玻璃、塑料以及合成材料,并且夸张材料之间的结构关系,甚至将空调管道、结构构件都暴露出来,力求表现出一种完全区别于传统风格的高度技术的室内空间气氛。在材料之间的关系交接上,现代设计需要通过特殊的处理手法以及精细的施工工艺来达到要求。 其次,现代风格的色彩设计受现代绘画流派思潮影响很大。通过强调原色之间的对比协调来追求一种具有普遍意义的永恒的艺术主题。装饰画、织物的选择对于整个色彩效果也起到点明主题的作用。


The decoration materials and color design of Midu Hot Spring Resort Hotel in Dali, Yunnan provide a space background for the modern interior effect. First of all, the selection of materials is no longer limited to natural materials such as stone, wood, and tile, but expands the selection to metal, paint, glass, plastic and synthetic materials, and exaggerates the structural relationship between the materials, even the air conditioning pipes, The structural components are exposed, and strive to show a highly technical indoor space atmosphere completely different from the traditional style. In terms of the transfer of the relationship between materials, modern design needs to meet the requirements through special processing techniques and delicate construction techniques. Secondly, the modern style of color design is greatly influenced by modern painting genres. Pursue a universal and eternal artistic theme by emphasizing the contrast and coordination between primary colors. The choice of decorative paintings and fabrics also plays a role in illuminating the whole color effect.
The selection of furniture, lamps and displays in modern design decoration should obey the design theme of the overall space. Therefore, the development direction of hotel lighting design has two main characteristics: one is subdivided into three categories: lighting, background lighting and artistic lighting according to functions. The lighting effects of different scenes should be an organic combination of these three types; the other is lighting control. Intelligent and modular, that is, the control method is developed from separate switches to centralized remote control, and the best effect can be selected by setting the combined lighting modes of audio-visual, meeting, dining, learning, and sleeping. In the setting of the exhibits, individuality and beauty should be highlighted as much as possible. This project is a full case in charge of Director Zhang Yunfang.