The project is located in Dongfang City, Hainan Province, with a total area of 2800 m2 and a total investment of about 50 million yuan. The resort integrates hot spring leisure and water playing entertainment, and is divided into three functional modules: Li Miao theme hot spring resort, indigenous tribal water world and dynamic boundless swimming pool area.
Project orientation: tropical tourist destination, tribal experience area. Hot spring resort can be said to be a way of leisure that has sprung up in recent years. In the past, most of the functions of the resort are accommodation and meeting as the subsidiary function of the scenic spot. However, in recent years, the development of the model of the resort is becoming more and more diversified, the supporting facilities are more and more perfect, and the cultural excavation is more and more in-depth. The hot spring resort is relying on hot spring resources to form a tourism leisure + health care + culture mode, in line with the current consumer consumption mode, hot spring resort market development space is still large.
Most of the hot spring resorts are located in the suburbs. The distance from the downtown to the suburbs is not only a relaxing distance away from the bustle of the downtown area, but also a tossing distance without a long journey. In terms of distance, it is very suitable for the frequency of the National Day holiday. And it's cool in autumn, and the temperature is chilly after nightfall. It's really rich to take a hot spring in the cool night and the gentle breeze.

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