Qingdao nursing home makes the elderly enjoy it and truly realize the old age life of "providing for the elderly, doing something for them, enjoying themselves and learning for the old". All the staff of Anning nursing home have "five hearts" service standard of "love, enthusiasm, patience, carefulness and sense of responsibility", in exchange for the "five heart" experience of the elderly and their families.

For the space structure, the design uses "dumb mouth" or simplified "Bogu frame" to divide. In the need to isolate the line of sight, the use of Chinese screen or window lattice, through this new way of separation, the house shows the beauty of Chinese style home. New Chinese style space decoration, using simple and strong straight line. The use of straight line decoration in space not only reflects the living requirements of modern people who pursue simple life, but also caters to the restrained and simple design style of Chinese furniture, making "new Chinese style" more practical and modern. The round arched door in the hall makes the whole space more hierarchical. With a large number of wood, more fresh and elegant. The design style is simple and beautiful, the color is thick and mature.

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