Chunshen Hotel used a large area of gray bricks and light and shadow layers in the exterior renovation to make the whole building more three-dimensional and stylish. The public area adopts simple light wood tones, and the reception area uses a large number of metal finishes. The golden background wall and the elevator hall decoration are distant and radiant, and the inside and outside collide with each other to create a fashionable and harmonious beauty.
Many times, when talking about Chinese style, some people may think of the traditional Chinese beauty of red walls, green tiles and dougong window grilles. In fact, Chinese style can also be very Western. Especially now, more and more Chinese elements are in the hands of designers, and they are perfectly integrated with modern home style, showing a different kind of beauty. Affected by Chinese traditional culture, hotel owners also tend to design antique Chinese-style business hotels when investing in hotels.
The hotel’s design is people-oriented, with a guest-oriented mentality to create a warm and comfortable environment, with classic mahogany furniture solemn and immersive.
Entering the hotel restaurant, the fragrant mahogany, luxurious and quaint, reflects the essence of Chinese decoration. Gorgeous and generous colors, exquisite classical furniture, elegant paintings and soft decoration, the entire space blooms noble and luxurious in exquisite elegance.
The aisles of the hotel are decorated with light wood color and golden lines, which are majestic and simple; wall lamps lead the way, elegant and quiet. Stepping on the golden marble, it seems to smell the nobleness and quaint fragrance of the palace.
Attach importance to embodying emotion in scenery, blending sceneries, embedding meaning in things, and comparing things with virtue. People regard the natural scenery as the aesthetic object as a symbol of moral beauty, spiritual beauty and personality beauty.
The luxurious guest rooms of the Chinese-style design hotel are equipped with wooden furniture and white soft furnishings, which has a touch of far-reaching and simple beauty. The ancient paintings imply the best wishes for the guests to come and go, and the simple and simple expression of the aesthetics of white space.
In order to balance the sense of history and comfort, designers have to make many changes and compromises when designing. Regardless of whether it is the space distinction of hard decoration or the flavor of interior decoration, hotel decoration has spared no effort to find oriental aesthetics and Chinese classical charm.

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