The Chinese-style courtyard has an exquisite layout, moves in different sceneries, and has a unique atmosphere, creating a lifestyle suitable for Chinese people in the temperament space without losing the traditional charm. In the yard, feel the beauty of "spring with flowers, autumn with moon, summer with cool breeze and winter with snow". Put down your posture in the yard, smile at the wind and clouds, and listen to the flowers and birds. The north is always honest and unpretentious, with square gates, square windows, flying eaves and corners, light and lively, layered on top of each other with a lively charm. It has been located for thousands of years, with less gentleness and more atmosphere, and the solemnity hides elegance and artistic conception The layout of the Chinese market. Only the Chinese can experience its unique oriental charm.
Compared with Western residential culture, Chinese courtyard culture pays more attention to the accumulation and inheritance of culture and emotion. It is not only a shelter on the material level, but also a habitat on the spiritual level. Dougong, cornices, flower windows, railings, revetments, pavilions, etc. are here to taste tea, feel the four elegant ways of piano, fragrance, flowers, and books, soak in the cultural charm of the Chinese courtyard, and let yourself be lost in the Jiangnan courtyard. Holding a cup of fragrant tea, walking among the courtyards, those land complexes that are nowhere to be placed among high-rise buildings have found their home here.