骐悦会所 酒店



After receiving this project, I communicated with Party A for a long time, hoping to make a simple space, understatement, not to attract people's attention, it belongs to the living space. You can get together with some friends in your free time, stay quietly, drink tea, chat, that's all. The world is big, we are just a dust, too small to be too small. We hope this is a space and a landscape. After pushing the door in, what opens is a tranquility and lightness. The whole technique is derived from the traditional gardening technique. There is no shortage of winding paths, bridges, bamboo forests, and thin stones, but it is a modern interpretation and interpretation of Eastern philosophy. In the white, flimsy body, the fine dust shapes embellish it, inadvertently you will find her presence. The impression she brings to everyone is the hint of life that is weak and strong. The courtyard of the hall penetrates the sky and reflects In the four seasons, the heritage of oriental culture is revealed everywhere.
     When entering the space, the first thing you see is a micro landscape. While the shadow wall covers the entire space, the mood of the entrant can be adjusted as soon as possible. In order to expand the space, the stone background is empty. On the wall area, poems of artistic conception are projected, and a giant painting is randomly placed, reflecting the landscape in the heart. Go down, arrange a small piece of bamboo forest, cut out a circle at the top, let the sun shine in, and as the light changes, the bamboo shadows are depicted endlessly. Simplify the design of the Chinese moon gate shape, arrange them in the space, and guide to different spaces. Arrange a set of sofas in the lobby, sit down and chat quietly, or look at the traffic outside, turn around, and inadvertently find that there is also a landscape arranged here, and the pixels on the wall of the walkway are faintly exposed at the back The lights, like the epitome of city lights, complement this landscape. The passage is constructed with large blocks of waste and small stones, and the welcoming pine at the end of the passage leads to the next space. There is a tea room next to it for relaxing when you are tired, and a freehand mountain shape at the end, which is even more exciting with the light. A light partition is set by the window, rendering the entire space, and the wall next to it is randomly placed with different tea leaves for tea. A simple private room space is arranged on the right side of the aisle.

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