Big hidden in the city, small hidden in the wild. That's probably it. The project site is located at the node between the city and the outskirts, so in addition to the vision and functions, a calm and heavy sense of nature must be injected. Under soft light, the body and mind will return to a state of tranquility and elegance, and relaxation will enable you to see the source more clearly. The faster the world, the slower the heart.
Living in this era of rough aesthetics, Japanese-style sentiment is particularly fresh, and "Zen" is also sought after, but the sense of form that is often deliberately pursued, and the attitude toward "beauty" and "exquisite" is actually very far from Zen. Far away, Zen is the ordinary mind in a scoop of food and drink, the cherry blossoms that unintentionally bloom in the yard, and the greenery that seeps through the curtain of bamboo and rattan.
In fact, the restaurant design is not much the same, and there is no need to be restricted to the form, so that the guests are comfortable, and the comfortable dining experience is what we want to see.
Living in the city is not for prosperity and novelty, and living in the country is not for relaxation. These two seemingly contradictory choices are essentially based on true liking.

Love and life are themselves hidden between a vegetable and a meal. Shizi in the movie is lonely, but not lonely. Food is close to the taste of happiness. Eating every meal seriously is a better way to live. 

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