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Tianjin is a famous historical and cultural city for more than 600 years, which has created a unique urban style of combining Chinese and western, ancient and modern. There are buildings with different styles in western style. This is a place with a story, which contains the charm of the collision between China and the West.
No. 9 hot spring hotel has the architectural style of European and British style, which is integrated with the architecture of the surrounding environment, and is more harmonious with the overall environment. The interior decoration is mainly Southeast Asian style, giving strong style color, warm and enthusiastic. The external and internal architectural design is a European and British style with modern flavor, integrated with modern techniques, a two-sided style that not only pursues the aristocratic temperament in the European style, but also can enjoy modern life, continues to retain the thick and noble characteristics of the traditional European style, and appropriately simplifies those complex lines, The traditional figure sculptures that can best reflect the royal style are basically removed. Instead, they are replaced by some modern sculptures with simple lines and beautiful shapes. The especially heavy vase railings are basically replaced by iron railings or wooden railings with simpler patterns, which integrate some modern simple beauty. The design features are mainly retention and supplemented by innovation, This is more in line with the appreciation taste of modern young people, conservative but thought-provoking.
Set up multiple functional zones to meet the needs of different people. In addition to soup baths with different themes and characteristics, there are other eating, drinking, entertainment, fitness and entertainment projects to create an integrated service system project to meet the needs of more people.