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Tianjin Wuqing Zichang Bathing Center adopts the new Chinese minimalist style, creating an elegant, noble temperament, and a romantic sentiment as the main body of this case. The overall space is stylish, atmospheric, simple and luxurious. A large amount of stone is used in this case And wood, the new Chinese minimalist design style is more prominent. Whether it is a minimalist or a Chinese-style public building, its design philosophy is to pursue deep and implied dignity, and elegant and luxurious design performance, and hope that this performance can be complete It reflects the user's pursuit of quality and elegant life. The traditional Chinese concept emphasizes the harmony between man and nature. The details will outline the artistic conception of Confucianism, Taoism, Zen, etc. The Chinese style design emphasizes respecting nature, integrating with nature, and pursuing the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The external environment can be As an extension of the indoor space, people can feel the natural scenery of the interior to a greater extent. The layout of the space emphasizes the centrality and peace, the main and the secondary are distinct, the central axis is generally taken in the space, and the layout design is mainly symmetrical and stable.
The space environment of the new Chinese style is very inclusive. Under the technological update and expansion of modern technology and new concepts, the gorgeous and elegant Chinese elements are combined with the new production process of metal materials, and the simple and practical Chinese style is interpreted through the combination of Chinese and Western styles. Style decoration idea. White space is a technique in the creation of Chinese art works. The design technique of white space can make the space produce a visual effect of emptiness, quietness and reality. The use of white space in the new Chinese space design can focus the attention on highlighting. On the elements. The materials used in traditional Chinese-style spaces are mostly wood, and high-grade hardwoods such as rosewood and big-leaf sandalwood are more commonly used. The new Chinese style is more abundant in material applications. In addition to traditional materials such as wood, stone, and silk fabrics, modern new materials such as glass, mirrors, metal, resin, and new types of fibers will also be used. Wooden grilles are often used as partitions in Chinese-style spaces. Compared with screens, wooden grilles have a more transparent effect, adding light and shadow to increase the charm of Zen. The wooden lines can perfectly show the elegant and generous space characteristics of the new Chinese style. From the top surface to the wall wooden line decoration, it adds a warm and natural feeling to the space, abandoning the traditional Chinese style complex decoration, and the whole is more tidy, clean and neat. , Increase the sense of spatial hierarchy. The blue bricks are simple in color and exude a quiet and simple appearance from the appearance, revealing the classic charm through different display methods.