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The formation principle of geometric figures is to form a line by jog, a surface by a line, and a body by a surface. In the field of space design, geometric figures not only enrich the form of expression of the space, but also increase the concise visual effect, but also show the relaxation of the space, and bring out the smoothness of the space and the sense of physical nature. With the advent of the Z era, people's consumer demand for nightlife has gradually evolved from single entertainment to diversification. As one of the carriers, the bar provides more diversified content. Enhance the functionality of the bar, add different experiences, attract the attention of consumers, and form a unique and powerful brand personality, so that consumer groups can get a good sensory experience in the consumption process. The design and planning of the bar space itself Crucial role.
In the selection of space elements, we follow the relationship between space and environment, and find elements suitable for this space. The elements of this space use water and rhythm, just like the endless flow of the Huangpu River. Water can be static and dynamic in concrete terms, and the rhythm can be lines and surfaces in abstraction.
The prosperous and splendid daytime is the unique energy of music, and the phantom of the night under the lights injects more romantic feelings.
With the changes of lighting and music, the atmosphere of the entire space changes accordingly, showing another style of night. The top surface of the reception lobby is an arched frame, and the geometry still maintains its impact. The difference is that more interfaces have been added. The flowing light strips have the power to change the atmosphere and render emotions. The designer does not hesitate to present popular sexy elements in a juxtaposed manner.
The champagne-colored metal material reflects the golden brilliance against the light, and the black and white floor tiles are presented in a staggered manner, with a degree of virtuality and reality, and guests will experience the romance of stars when they pass by.
The color-changing light strip extends across the interface, connecting the space from the wall to the ceiling. The space is cleverly separated with virtual and real techniques, creating a relatively vague and ambiguous atmosphere, creating a deep sense of mystery for the entire room
The engraved aluminum plate and programmable lighting effects create an immersive experience that expands infinite imagination and is fascinating, breaking the convention and restoring the true musical attitude.
Rhythm is a regular rhythm, the flowing beauty produced by expansion and change. The design team embodies the rhythm of music in the design, using curved surfaces and soft continuous lines to create a sense of popularity and movement exclusively for the entertainment space.