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   店内色调平和温暖,沉稳安静的色调,辅以纹理细腻的地砖与墙纸,使其整体氛围更加柔和,大型齿轮背景墙与木质墙体,配以恰到好处的柔和灯光。 设计师匠心独到,将不同大小齿轮扣入每一面墙面之中,大小不一的镂空面配以黄晕的光以及金属本身固有的肌理,宛如星空的神秘美感跃然于上。晶莹剔透的水晶吊灯在灯光的映衬下显露出绅士般的品质感,沉稳却充满诱惑。在木质座椅点缀下,又让空间细腻柔和,整体氛围的营造,如柔软的心包裹在刚毅的外表下,不远不近,点到为止。 整体空间格局以块面分割延展,主体空间分割成一层和抬高二层。使其在视觉效果上错落有序,远观通达敞亮,近看精致优雅。空间格局灵活多变,用餐环境更具开放性,用餐者护不干扰,主通道宽敞联通,保证服务的高效性,提升服务品质。

  In the barbeque shop design, the color needs to be emphasized: when the barbeque shop design actually chooses colors, it is mainly based on natural colors, and in the whole design process, it is necessary to emphasize the simple effect. When necessary, some themes must be emphasized in the design, which can emphasize nature and harmony, and let people experience a touch of joy.
  Barbecue shop design does not seek luxury: the decoration style of barbecue shop decoration can not be ignored. Many people think that it is luxurious, it can show an elegant atmosphere. In fact, it is not the case. In the actual decoration, the actual function is the main one. In terms of material, natural wood is selected for production, which is convenient to obtain, and in the actual design, it can also show the overall simplicity and generosity.
Whether it is a picky gourmet or the common people, the feeling of food is one of taste and the other is the dining environment. The space distribution is reasonable, the color tone is soft and quiet, and the service is attentive and fast, which has become the specific expression of the design of Aocheng roasting bar.
   The color of the store is calm and warm, calm and quiet, supplemented by fine-textured floor tiles and wallpaper, to make the overall atmosphere softer. The large gear background wall and wooden wall are matched with just the right soft lighting. The designer has unique ingenuity and buckles gears of different sizes into each wall. The hollow surfaces of different sizes are matched with the yellow halo light and the inherent texture of the metal itself, which is like the mysterious beauty of the starry sky. The crystal clear crystal chandelier shows a gentleman-like quality under the background of the light, calm but full of temptation. The wooden seats are embellished to make the space delicate and soft, and the overall atmosphere is created, such as a soft heart wrapped in a resolute appearance, not far or near, just stop. The overall spatial pattern is divided and extended by blocks, and the main space is divided into one floor and elevated two floors. Make it strewn and orderly in visual effects, open and bright from a distance, exquisite and elegant from close. The spatial pattern is flexible and changeable, the dining environment is more open, diners are protected from interference, and the main channel is spacious and connected to ensure the efficiency of service and improve the quality of service.

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